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OHMConnect Review | Reviewing the OHMConnect Program
Free Smart Thermostat in California
The OHMConnect Review
ohmconnect reviews
A review of OHMConnect

PG&E, SDG&E, Southern CA Edison Customers All Qualify!
Free to participate, Takes 3 Minutes - Get $25 IMMEDIATELY and qualify for a FREE Smart Thermostat!

Read OHMConnect reviews and see how many people say how "EASY it is to participate"...

1 - Receive a text message letting you know power usage is high in your neighborhood.

2 - Help lower usage in your area by turning off some items in your home.

3 - That's it - you've earned cash! You can collect via PayPal, or get what you earned on an Amazon gift card.

Click here to enroll and get an additional $25 IMMEDIATELY!

We Don't Ask For Billing Info - We Don't Need It!
You'll Never Need To Pay Us - We Pay You!

reading ohmconnect customer reviews

Reviews Show People Love OHMConnect....

City Mayors Are On Board...
"OhmConnect has created a win-win-win that works for every household"
- Oakland Mayor Schaaf

"An innovative solution to the catastrophic impacts of blackouts throughout California"
- San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo
"Joining OhmConnect, Fresno residents can actually get paid to save energy. Let's do our part to prevent blackouts - and get paid for doing it!"
- Fresno Mayor Dyer

The people are LOVING it... .
“When we received over $1000 in less than 3 months, I couldn't believe it. We made this amount of money from something we didn't even know about a few weeks ago!”
- Michael Edgerle, PG&E Customer

"I have no complaints at all. I've put money back in my pocket besides saving on my electric bill each month."
- Denise, CA

“When we get notified that a power saving hour is coming up, we make a plan to switch everything off and go out for a walk or a bike ride or a dinner somewhere - which is subsidized by what we earn!”
- JR from San Diego

“We were pretty careful with our energy usage before we started - now we have solar - but we saw this as a chance to do even more for the planet...”
- Lynn from Southern CA

"I was so excited to see I could earn money from being a PG&E customer even though I haven't heard anything about a settlement for the fires and anything about that. So this is great!"
- Mark from the SF Bay Area

For residents of California , Texas, New York only. Offer void in all other locations.
2022 OHMConnect Review