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You might be wondering what is OHMConnect, and what are people saying when asked to give an OHMConnect review...

Get paid to save energy for just one hour a week.

Most of the time the electricity market can accurately predict how much electricity will be needed at any one time in a given region but sometimes electricity use spikes more quickly than a power plant can respond this usually happens during the summer months when air conditioning is turned on quickly.

To respond your utility will turn on what is called a fast-acting power plant that burns dirty fossil gases like coal or natural gas not only are these fast-acting power plants bad for the environment but they're also really expensive if only there was a way to get people to use less electricity when this kind of thing happens.

Here's Where OHMConnect comes in...

This is why they created ohm hours and auto ohms key moments in the week where you can actually get rewarded for using less power when you are successful in lowering your household's power usage we pass those reductions onto the grid a dirty power plant stays off and we pass those earnings on to you it's a win-win-win.

You'll receive a text that tells you when your upcoming OHM Connect is happening and how many watts you stand to earn. Your potential watts are the amount of rewards you can earn if you use no power during the power event a little secret if you have smart devices you can earn even more than your potential watts.

If you do use less power than you're expected to you get rewarded and the more power you save the more you earn. If you're a star and you use no power at all you'll save a hundred percent and earn all of your potential lost plus you earn bonus watts for every smart device connected.

Smart devices are the golden ticket to earning maximum rewards with OHMConnect if you have a smart thermostat or a smart plug connected to your own connect account it will automatically power down during an all mower or auto own and you will earn watts without lifting a finger.

As you accumulate watts for saving power you can redeem them for gift cards enter to win epic bi-weekly prizes donate to a charity spin the wheel and take your chances on a prize or straight withdraw as cash in your exciting rewards marketplace.

OHMConnect is on a mission to build north America's largest virtual power plant and there are already hundreds of thousands of people getting rewarded for saving power.

Join via Green California at https://ohm.co/greenca and receive special bonuses worth up to $200!

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