California Residents Are Claiming MASSIVE Benefits, As State Leads New Green Program...

How thousands in California have been able to claim FREE smart thermostats, FREE WiFi enabled power outlets, and THOUSANDS in CASH...

Over $13 Million In CASH Has Already Been Given Out, And It's "Just Beginning"...
Many find themselves effortlessly earning hundreds, and some even more! If you haven’t already heard, there’s
a program that will pay you for flicking off the lights, turning off your energy-sucking appliances and going outside for 1 hour, once a week!

The platform will pay you to save energy when the grid is overwhelmed. These earning windows are called “OhmHours” and during this time, your job is to simply use less power. Your energy savings is the difference between the state needing to fire up additional coal burning power plants or not.

What People Are Saying So Far...
Online deal blog 'The Penny Hoarder' interviewed CA resident Tanya Williams for her review after joining. A few evenings each month, the 45-year-old stay-at-home mom rounded up the four of her five kids who still live at home and shut down her home’s electronics for 1 hour.

...She earned an extra $1,700.

All her and her family had to do was turn these evenings into 'board game night'.

“The kids really enjoyed it — even my adult kids,” Williams says of her children, who range in age from 3 to 23. “I didn’t expect that.”

Customers Of PG&E, Southern California Edison (SCE), or SDG&E - You're Already Approved, Just Signup To Claim Yours...
Currently, it's almost too easy to earn, we have to wonder how long they'll keep it this way. But currently, you just need to lower energy usage for 1 hour, once a week. Spend that time and take the dog for a walk, do your grocery shopping, work in your yard, BBQ - whatever!

If you can reduce your energy usage for just one hour, once or twice a week, you'll earn cash. Then you can request a PayPal payment or Amazon gift card, among other options.

Now is the best time to start - Enroll this summer and earn a $25 bonus IMMEDIATELY!
It takes about 90 seconds to sign up, and you'll earn $25 for it - not a bad deal. The program will never cost you anything, and never even asks for billing info - because you'll never pay them, they just pay you. Plus, top of the money you're getting paid, you'll also be getting a lower power bill!

Cool hack: A friend shared this trick he does since he enrolled - he makes sure to always keep his laptop charged, so when he gets the text saying to lower energy usage for the next hour - he just switches off his desktop computer and whatever else he can, then turns on the laptop which is running off of it's battery. He earns cash every time, and doesn't even need to take a break from his Netflix binge!

Is This Legit?
The program has been featured in Forbes, The LA Times, US Weekly, and on Good Morning America TV. It was awarded title of 'most innovative new company' last year by Fast Company.

Plus, the mayors of San Jose, Oakland, Fresno and several other cities are officially encouraging residents to enroll!

A Google search will show you all of these if you need to see for yourself!
To get the additional $25 summer signup bonus, enroll via this link

Stephen Drait
Los Angeles Team