OHM Energy Now In Texas and New York...

"Switch to a company that will help you keep your lights on while putting cash in your pocket" claims OHM Connect, a California-based energy provider, as they launch service in Texas. ..

OhmConnect Energy has arrived in Texas with technology that allows you to save energy and earn cash rewards while also lowering your cost.

What would a power company pay me for ?

'Where does the money come from?' is a regular question the company receives.

During periods of heavy energy demand, its clients will receive a text message asking if they can turn things off for a one-hour period to save power, reducing grid stress.

The electricity that their customers saved is then sold back to the grid, and the earnings are shared with you.

"Texans have recently experienced a series of highly disruptive extreme weather events," said OhmConnect Energy President Don Whaley. "Whether it's blackouts or heat waves, OCE gives Texas residents the opportunity to be part of the solution for grid stabilization: we'll pay you to keep the lights on." This is how we're delivering change to an industry that hasn't changed in 20 years."

How much is this going to help someone?

Last year, one client got more than $3000 for powering down during energy savings hours, boosting her total since signing up to $11,000. Keep in mind that you'll only be requested to reduce your consumption for an hour once a week.

McDermott stated, "This program has always been a blessing to our family." "We were living paycheck to paycheck when we first started." OhmConnect helped us get through some difficult moments, and by referring others to it, I've been able to spread the good news to a lot of other families."

Tricking The System for Easy Money???

I saw someone on social media explaining how they receive the most money possible, and it's as simple as keeping your devices charged!

"When I get the text telling me to reduce my energy usage for the next hour," the post adds, "I'll just turn off my desktop computer and whatever else I can, then turn on the laptop that's running on its battery." So I'm not utilizing grid power anymore; instead, I'm earning every minute while watching Netflix for an hour."

Is Ohmconnect a good investment? If it's this simple, I'm going to say yes.

For taking 5 minutes to sign up, Texas Launch Celebration will give you $30!

However, to get the registration bonus, you must go to https://bit.ly/OHMbonus